Personal Vision Exercise

Imagine achieving a result in your life that you deeply desire. For example, imagine you have the job you most wish to have or you live where you most wish to live or have the relationship you most wish to have.


Describe your personal vision in different areas of your life. Use the present tense as if this is happening right now. Also, imagine that there are no limits--you can have all that you truly desire. This exercise helps us to articulate what we truly desire so that we can focus on attaining it. Often, we store images of our dreams in our minds and never talk about it even to ourselves. Unless we clearly express what we want, there will be little chance of attaining it.


  • What do you really want deeply?

  • What are you passionate about?



In each of the following areas, describe as fully as you can, what you would like to achieve:


  1. Self-image: I am ….

  2. Possessions: I own….

  3. Home: My ideal home….

  4. Health: My body/health/fitness/running/sport is….

  5. Relationships: My relationship with……..

  6. Work: My ideal job entails…. My efforts impact….

  7. Personal Activities: I learn/do….

  8. Community: I help….

  9. Life purpose: I am here to….

  10. Other (choose any other category that is important to you)



For each of the areas above, ask yourself:


  • If I have it now, would I take it?

  • If I have it now, what does it bring me?


Some common goals or themes will start emerging. State some of your primary goals based on the statements you made in STEP 2.




State your personal vision.


Review your vision annually and update and modify it as needed.


Most importantly, take one step today to activate and start living it. If you don’t, it will remain just a dream.

Clarity + Focus + Action = $ucce$$

Remember, if you are unclear about what you want, you will live a life to satisfy the needs and desires of other people.