Personal Mastery: Self
  • Do you want to make changes in your life, but don’t know where to start or perhaps you’re fearful of letting go of what you have?
  • Would you like to have the courage to grasp opportunities that better reflect the things you are passionate about?
  • Would you like to attract healthier, inspiring people and situations into your life?

So how do we get started?

Creating Personal Vision

Creating a personal vision is one of the fundamental steps to attaining personal mastery. A personal vision is a statement, a philosophy, an action or idea that provides the central theme for your life. It’s a framework within which you live and operate. It’s like a beacon that guides you back to the path when tempting offers may take you off track. It helps to keep you focused, motivated and fulfilled. A personal vision could be something like: “I want to rid the world of fear” or “I want to live in a clean, healthy environment.” 

A personal vision:

  • Empowers you to create what you want

  • Provides a framework or roadmap within which to operate

  • Draws you back, like a beacon, to the plan

  • Accelerates the process

  • Inspires creativity and risk

  • Is a source of comfort and strength on ‘tough’ days

  • Brings energy and sparkle into your life

Start thinking about your personal vision today. If you want a truly fulfilling, inspiring and exciting life, then create and live your personal vision.

Personal Vision Exercise