Career Renewal and Transformation
The world of work is rapidly changing. Employers are interested in hiring people who can demonstrate their skills and abilities, including their ability to manage their careers and personal development. The onus of manifesting your ambitions rests with you. You will have to develop goals and strategies to make this happen by taking charge of your career. You need to be proactive.

What You Will Learn

  • Self-awareness is the foundation for the entire career development process and critical to one’s professional success. You need to understand who you are and what your strengths and development are before you can make effective career decisions.
  • Your natural talents and what job areas you are best suited for.
  • How to research companies, areas of expertise and industries in order to know how your strengths and development areas connect to the world of work.
  • The power of networking and making contacts.
  • Gaining support (through mentoring or coaching) and visibility in the organization.
  • Life/work planning.

Outcomes of this Workshop

  • Find a job that is best suited to your natural talents
  • Creative ways of working to suit your lifestyle and dreams
  • Mentors and other supporters to help you find more opportunities
  • A network that supports you and that you can contribute to
  • Innovative ways of gaining visibility at work
  • A career development and life plan
  • Less stress, more energy and inspiration to go to work everyday

Who Should Attend

  • People seeking employment
  • People seeking new challenges or directions in their career
  • Those that are frustrated and stressed in their jobs
  • Those that want a complete change in their work
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Nanci has systematically challenged my thinking, in a thoughtful, non-threatening manner. This along with her energy, optimism and understanding, have given me the impetus and confidence to surpass what I previously thought were my limits, leading to accomplishments which I never would have achieved otherwise.