Personal Mastery: An Essential Leadership Trait for the Knowledge Age
As a business professional are you:

  • Constantly bombarded by emails and information?
  • Spending most of your day in meetings and cannot catch up with your work?
  • Traveling extensively and trying to juggle work and family?
  • Now can you imagine your life where you leave the office feeling deeply satisfied; have a highly motivated and creative team; take your business to new levels each year; go home to a loving, peaceful family; enjoy good health; and most importantly; find your life's true purpose? While this may sound too good to be true, it is possible through developing Personal Mastery.

    What You Will Learn

    • Develop a Personal Vision
    • Understand how your current beliefs affect your decisions and behavior
    • Learn new problem-solving and decision-making techniques
    • Grow your team and company to unprecedented levels
    • Instill a culture of collaboration and cooperation in your team
    • Improve your communication and relationship with colleagues and staff
    • Have a toolkit to help you manage the pressures of daily work
    • Learn key strategies to design the life and job that you want

    Outcomes of this Workshop

    • Reduce or eliminate stress
    • Become more energetic and creative
    • Be a role-model in your organization
    • Attract new opportunities and people
    • Be in demand for your new insights and talents
    • Have your Personal Vision to guide you in your decisions
    • Take charge of your life

    Who Should Attend

    • Business professionals and owners that feel overwhelmed and under constant pressure to keep up
    • Leaders seeking meaning and direction in their lives
    • Professionals seeking new ways of thinking and creativity to compete effectively
    • Business people desiring to expand their business across borders or industries


    This workshop will help you build a solid personal and professional foundation, which in turn, will help you build a solid business foundation. Can you afford not to spend just a day attending this workshop? Ask yourself, what's the cost of not doing so?

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    The mix of an open atmosphere and a very professional set up allowed us to not only spend a good day together but achieve what all the participants came for to this course. Although clearly action- and goal oriented, the course had good "depth" and completely lacked superficiality. I think this is a good basis to be of long-lasting learning. I have personally taken three large steps in developing my "personal mastery" which I had already started through a similar program with Nanci earlier in the year. My personal learning has been to control my emotions, understand how I am manipulated by fear and play the game really perfectly according to other people’s rules, and to accept both the light and shadow parts of myself. Thank you, Nanci. I'll be glad to do more courses with you once the three "big steps" are more deeply anchored in myself.
    [Participant, Switzerland]