Business and Life Coaching

No matter where we are in life, there is always a desire for something -- success, money, relationship, tangibles, peace, happiness, sense of purpose, meaning of life. Knowing where to start or even getting started can seem overwhelming and a bit scary. You donít have to choose the Ďitís hard work and I have to do it aloneí path. As a coach, I would be delighted to work with you to get started and achieve your goals.

Types of Coaching

  • Career
  • Team
  • Personal Development/Personal Mastery
  • Executive and Leadership Development
  • Life-work Balance
  • Performance
  • Communication
  • Relationship

During a Coaching Session

As your coach, I willÖ

Focus on what YOU want to discuss and ask questions to help you achieve clarity on the issue, and focus on the outcome that you want. I will challenge assumptions and make stretch requests of you, asking you to go further than you normally would. At the end of each session, you will leave with an action plan to work on until the next session.

By working with me, you willÖ.

  • Achieve clarity and focus on the issue and goal so that you can take more effective and focused actions immediately
  • Set better goals that embody exactly what YOU want and achieve them much faster
  • Stop putting up with what is dragging you down
  • Identify and overcome your blind spots e.g. by seeing the obvious--sometimes thatís all we need to move past a block.
  • Recognize and face fears. When we want to start something new, fear often grips us. I can help you jumpstart a project and support you when you feel uncertain and insecure.
  • Prioritize what you need in your life. I help you be clear about your values versus the values of others.
  • Discover your natural talents, gifts and power (will, drive, ability, impact).
  • Become more creative. Creativity itself is something that we have not really developed in our lives as we have been trained to conform.
  • Create momentum and excitement so that itís easier to get results.
  • Appreciate who you are by celebrating your successes.
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The enthusiasm of the leader, the small group, the relaxation and visualization at the end and the spirit and ambience of the seminar helped me find a new way to help myself and improve my relationship with other people. I believe this workshop could help a lot of people to understand themselves and others better.