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Personal Mastery: An Essential Leadership Trait for the Knowledge Age

The paradigm shift from the Industrial age to the Information age has significant implications for the way we live and do business in the 21st century. This shift has resulted in the generation of massive amounts of information which we cannot absorb; change at an ever increasing pace impossible for anyone to keep up with; and businesses expanding to proportions that make decisions more complex. How can you, as a manager or potential leader, continue to live a meaningful life and make impactful business decisions in this dynamic age? One way is to develop Personal Mastery.

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Jumpstarting Your Goals

We all have goals, ideas and dreams, whether its starting a new business, making a career change, taking that sabbatical, starting an exercise program, or simply taking charge of your life. But even though wed love to get going on our goals, often we just dont know where to start! Working on a simple goal and achieving it often gives us renewed energy, confidence, and motivation. And yet time after time, we start something and don't see it to the end. So, if you have a passion or deep desire that you want to realize, we invite you to this workshop.

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Career Renewal and Transformation

Most of us have a tendency to revisit our resumes only when things change in our work environment e.g. a new boss, a merger or acquisition, loss of a job or threat of redundancy. However, career development is a lifelong process as long as we seek formal employment, and is more than just sprucing up our resumes. We need to constantly review and renew our personal, professional and learning objectives to maximize our effectiveness and live wholesome, satisfying lives. This workshop uses a career development framework to help you understand your natural talents and strengths and how to leverage them to find the job that will bring you personal and professional rewards and satisfaction.

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Creating Meaningful Relationships

 Do you know why you are attracted to certain types of people?

 What is the true purpose of marriage and relationships?

 How does love turn to conflict and bitterness?

 How can you inject more fun and meaning in your relationship?

In this one-day workshop, you will learn the answers to these and many more questions that you may be thinking of but never dare to ask. So if you do not wish to be a divorce statistic or lurch from one relationship to another, come spend the day with us to learn how you can create and sustain a rich and long-lasting relationship

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