Personal Mastery: An Essential Leadership Trait for the Knowledge Age
As a business professional are you:

  • Constantly bombarded by emails and information?
  • Spending most of your day in meetings and cannot catch up with your work?
  • Traveling extensively and trying to juggle work and family?
  • Now can you imagine your life where you leave the office feeling deeply satisfied; have a highly motivated and creative team; take your business to new levels each year; go home to a loving, peaceful family; enjoy good health; and most importantly; find your life's true purpose? While this may sound too good to be true, it is possible through developing Personal Mastery.

    Jumpstarting Your Goals

    We all have goals, ideas and dreams, whether its starting a new business, making a career change, starting an exercise program, or simply taking charge of your life. But even though wed love to get going on our goals, often we just dont know where to start! In this workshop, using eclectic tools and methods from disciplines as diverse as quantum physics to biology, we will tackle what it is that is really holding you back from achieving the life and job that you desire.

    Career Renewal and Transformation
    The world of work is rapidly changing. Employers are interested in hiring people who can demonstrate their skills and abilities, including their ability to manage their careers and personal development. The onus of manifesting your ambitions rests with you. You will have to develop goals and strategies to make this happen by taking charge of your career. You need to be proactive.

    Nanci has systematically challenged my thinking, in a thoughtful, non-threatening manner. This along with her energy, optimism and understanding, have given me the impetus and confidence to surpass what I previously thought were my limits, leading to accomplishments which I never would have achieved otherwise.